SiC Foundry at the Scale of Silicon

X-FAB has established a 6-inch Silicon Carbide foundry line with a capacity of 1,500 SiC wafers/month fully integrated within the silicon wafer fab located in Lubbock, Texas. With the support of the PowerAmerica Institute, X-FAB’s goal is to accelerate the commercialization of SiC power devices by leveraging the economies of scale, automotive quality system and equipment set that have been established in of its silicon wafer fabrication line.



  • 6-inch SiC processing capabilities
  • Leveraging the economies of scale of an existing 6-inch silicon fab
  • Automotive quality standards e.g. IATF-16949
  • Strong focus on IP protection
  • Second source solution for IDMs with own SiC manufacturing line

Available Tools for SiC Processing

  • Canon i3 Steppers [CD: 0.6um, Align: ± 0.2um]
  • TEL Mark V Coat/Develop Tracks
  • Novellus Concept 1 PECVD [Oxides, BPSG ILD, Nitrides]
  • AMAT Endura PVD [Ti, AlCu, TiW, Ni]
  • Thermco LPCVD Furnace [PolySi]
  • Dry Etch: LAM TCP, LAM 45XX
  • Wet Etch: FSI-Mercury
  • Species supported: P, B, N2
  • Varian E500 Mid-Current Implanter
  • Axcelis GSD High-Current Implanter
  • Axcelis VHE (Very High Energy) Implanter
Thermal Processing
  • Mattson 2900 RTP
  • Thermco Horizontal Furnaces

SiC Process Capabilities

  • High Temperature Implant
  • High Temperature Implant Anneal
  • SiC Wafer Thinning
  • Backside Metal Deposition (Ti/Ni/Ag)
  • Backside Laser Anneal
  • Ni Deposition and Etch

SiC data sheet download

SiC Data sheet