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Start exploring our broad technology portfolio with tools like FeatureXplorer and ResourceXplorer and benefit from our partner network with X-CHAIN and IP-Portal. As our customer, you are entitled to access My X-FAB - Customer portal with a process design kits, free libraries optimized for analog mixed-signal technologies and everything you need to quickly and efficiently develop your own IC designs.


Discover our technologies

Get a quick overview of X-FAB's broad foundry technology portfolio and use this tool to help you select the right foundry process for your next chip design.


Find our technical papers, webinars, articles

The ResourceXplorer enables you to access technical papers, webinars and articles related to analog/mixed-signal semiconductor technologies.


Design & Supply Chain Partner Network

This platform provides a structured way to search for contact details and other data about qualified design and supply chain partners worldwide. These companies either have already worked or are actively engaged with us in chip development or other areas such as test, assembly, supply chain management or turnkey IC solutions.

IP Portal

The intellectual partner network

The intellectual partner (IP) portal is a web database provided by X-FAB in cooperation with selected partners. Both X-FAB and a variety of different IP supplier offer their IP to customers using X-FAB’s foundry process. We will support customers to get in direct contact with the relevant IP supplier.

My X-FAB - Customer portal

Our online customer portal My X-FAB provides fast and efficient access to technical information. With My X-FAB we guide you all the way through your entire IC development process from specification into production. As a full e-business platform, My X-FAB offers you a large variety of reporting and tracking options.

Process Selection

It all starts with picking the right foundry process that best fulfills the needs of your p​​roduct. Whether you need high gate density, high-voltage or high-temperature capabilities or embedded non-volatile memories - this section will help you identify the best fitting technology to your IC requirements.


To start your design a lot of information and data is required. In this section you will find all design-related information - from A as in Applications notes to X as in the X-FAB Frontend Memory Compiler​.


Of course, once you are done with your design you want to see it working for real in silicon. The prototyping section provides all the information you need to order your samples in silicon.

Lot Tracking & Reports

If your devices are already in production this is were you find information on the status of your production lots such as ship reports, commercial information, statistical data and much more.

Quality & Reliability

To ensure a long-term stable supply of your products we have implemented state-of-the-art qualification and monitoring procedures​ for all our process technologies. All relevant documents and reports can be found in this section.​

Our resourceful in-house tools, the catalyst to enable first-time-right design and fast time-to-market for our customers.


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