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Supply Chain Management

We strive to achieve full customer satisfaction by pursuing a holistic approach that combines specialized expertise with outstanding service and first-class technical support. We therefore provide our customers with extensive assistance throughout the entire product development cycle - from design support to prototyping and manufacturing support.

Customer support

Technical hotline service

Offering first-class support with the highest level of responsiveness is an integral part of X-FAB's mission - and a unique feature that singles us out from all other foundries. This is what our qualified hotline team is for: to provide you with an answer to any technical inquiry you might have - 24 hours a day with an initial response guaranteed within 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Our hotline team is your interface to X-FAB's mixed-signal design and process experts. Whether you have a question concerning design kits, libraries, IPs, process specifications, or safe operating areas, they will attend to it within the day. Drawing from their own expertise as well as working closely with Field Application Engineers and our in-house experts, they will answer your inquiry fast and comprehensively.

Process longevity

In the foundry business, long-term dependability is essential for a solid, successful relationship between fab and customer. Some processes for products with long life cycles might take years of effort to develop, e.g. for automotive, medical or industrial applications. At X-FAB, we therefore make sure to keep processes available long enough to fully satisfy your long-term needs. We provide process longevity with process lifetimes to match the product life requirements.

As a rule, we guarantee a process longevity of seven years depending on the application, in many cases even more: Some of our processes have been running for more than 10 years. This long-term commitment ensures that our customers get the maximum possible return from their years of development effort.


In order to enable an effective supply chain management for our customers, we provide fast and easy access to a wide range of online reports and up-to-date information on the production status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our online reporting and tracking system allows you to instantly check data on work in progress (WIP), process control monitor (PCM) information, or yield management.


Design and supply chain partner network

This platform provides a structured way to search for contact details and other data about qualified design and supply chain partners worldwide. These companies either have already worked or are actively engaged with us in chip development or other areas such as test, assembly, supply chain management or turnkey IC solutions.




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