We connect people.

X-FAB technologies integrate seamlessly into your daily life.

Your foundry partner for communication & consumer devices

The communication & consumer device market is highly competitive and rapidly evolving to constantly satisfy ever-changing customer demands. We understand the dynamics of this market and know what it takes to serve it:

  • Innovation is the key to success. We help you transform your bold ideas into a real experience for your customers. 
  • Fast time to market is crucial. With our best-in-class design and prototyping support, we make it possible to achieve first-time-right functional silicon.
  • A secure and stable supply with the flexibility to handle sudden upturns is essential. With our six manufacturing sites on three continents, we guarantee reliable supply all over the world.
  • Quality must not be compromised. We pride ourselves on quality and robustness, and with our automotive quality mindset, we support consumer applications that need to satisfy these stringent requirements.

Our technologies enable communication and consumer applications that make your life smarter, greener and safer. We invite you to dream big and be extraordinary, and are here to make your vision become reality.

Together with your innovations, our proven, reliable technology portfolio of sensor/sensor interface, power management and radiofrequency (RF) solutions allows you to realize applications that integrate seamlessly into everyone’s daily life, connecting devices and people.

X-FAB technologies integrate seamlessly into your daily routine to make your life and home safer, greener and connected... 
Smart Home, Smart Life.

Applications enabled by X-FAB technologies

The communication & consumer device market is driven by developments in 5G network standard, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which form the basis for smarter and more intelligent connectivity.

Constant technological advancement and innovation have turned many science fiction fantasies into reality, greatly enriching our lives with comfort, convenience, entertainment and better health.

  • Smart Home

    We are living in an increasingly digitized world. Hence, we are constantly surrounded by sensors of all kinds gathering data to gain insights about ourselves.
    Thanks to advances in sensor development, sensors are already augmenting most of our senses today: vision, hearing, touch, smell – and even emotions.
    We offer both CMOS and MEMS manufacturing technologies to help make our homes and lives smarter.

  • Communication

    Smartphones play such a vital role in our lives today because of the connectivity they provide, the speed and efficiency with which they can perform tasks, and the functionality they offer, where there is almost no limit to what you can do with them. Our technology portfolio enables optical sensor, camera autofocus, haptic driver, touchscreen controller and gesture recognition solutions to create intuitive user interfaces that guarantee a great mobile experience.

  • Connectivity

    The 5G network technology brings the vision of intelligent connectivity within reach, with ultrafast and ultralow-latency data transfer. By providing new transformational capabilities, the new standard will change our society and the way we live and work. X-FAB’s RF SOI technology enables antenna switches and low-noise amplifiers for wireless connectivity between various devices and 5G base stations.
    We connect devices and people on the move.

    Solutions we offer for communication & consumer devices

    Our proven, reliable technology portfolio of sensor / sensor interface, power management and RF solutions allows you to realize your innovative ideas for an enriched customer experience.

    MEMS and ultralow-noise CMOS processes enable integrated sensor solutions

    The real world is analog, but the world we live in is becoming more and more digitized. That is why sensors are getting increasingly important and essential to connect the analog world with the digital world

    We offer different types of sensors for measuring various physical dimensions, using many different technologies for detection. To this end, we have complemented our basic integrated-circuit fabrication with the MEMS micromachining process, which involves the selective removal of silicon or the addition of other structural layers to create 3D moving parts for MEMS sensors

    At X-FAB, we provide a comprehensive range of sensors with dedicated roadmaps to meet future requirements. Our best-in-class ultralow-noise CMOS technologies – XH035 and XH018 – are recognized and adopted by tier-one semiconductor vendors for sensor interfaces. Sensors and sensor interfaces can be highly integrated, combining analog precision, low noise, an extensive range of photodiodes, MEMS elements and 3D integration.

    Sensors we can manufacture with our CMOS technologies include:

    • Optical sensors
    • Proximity sensors
    • Gesture recognition sensors
    • Fingerprint sensors
    • Ultrasonic sensors
    • Touchscreen sensors


    Sensors we can manufacture with our MEMS process capabilities include:

    • Pressure sensors
    • Inertial sensors 
    • Thermopiles 
    • Gas sensors

    In addition, we offer noble metallization for sensors and ASICs in harsh environments.

    Wafer-level integration and packaging 

    • Integration of CMOS and MEMS or sensor interfaces
    • Heterogeneous chip-on-wafer integration by micro-transfer printing
    • 3D integration using through-silicon via (TSV)

    High-voltage CMOS and SOI technologies enable enhanced power management solutions

    Thanks to advances in power semiconductor devices and high-voltage integrated circuits, power control has become of utmost importance to optimize battery lifetime, reducing power consumption and prolonging device usage.

    Our high-voltage CMOS and SOI technologies can be used to design and manufacture:

    • Micro LED drivers 
    • Micro OLED displays 
    • Fast GaN gate drivers 
    • AC/DC chargers 
    • Galvanic isolation couplers
    • Battery management ICs for power tools 
    • High-voltage 5G base station switches 
    • Isolated and non-isolated motor drivers for white goods


    RF SOI technology enables high-performance 5G and WLAN RF front-end modules

    5G is a revolutionary new network standard that delivers data with significantly higher speeds and ultralow latency. As the new backbone of our digital economies and societies, it will allow us to realize the potential of a fully connected world. 5G antennas also consume less power, making the protocol better for connecting small, battery-powered Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

    X-FAB’s RF SOI technology addresses the various challenges raised by enhanced connectivity standards, such as 5G or Wi-Fi 6 and low-power applications:

    • Our RF SOI technology meets the stringent 5G requirements for both mobile phones and infrastructure thanks to low-loss RF switches and low-noise amplifiers.
    • The latest Wi-Fi standard (802.11ax), which brings high broadband to homes and businesses, is made possible by our RF technologies for WLAN RF front-ends.


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