5G demonstrators designed with heterogeneous GaN+SOI technology

Published: Sep 2019

Use of MIMO and beamforming to increase the radiated power. Challenges:

  • Performances: at mmWave frequencies, it is important to minimize loss and locate the front-end components close to the radiating elements.
  • Mechanicals: the spacing between phased-array elements (λ/2) becomes too small, 5.3 mm at 28 GHz.

5G-NR : our ambition

X-FAB aims to serve the need for high-performance RF Front-End solutions
GaN: highest cost with GaN/SiC. Maturity of GaN/Si improving
GaAs: mature and available at medium cost
SiGe: mature, medium power, good integration with moderate cost
Si: the most mature, lowest power, highest integration at lowest cost for high volumes

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