What is “More than Moore”?

Moore’s Law (the number of transistors on a chip doubles every 18 to 24 months) has powered mainstream microelectronics for the past decades, driving ICs down to 45nm and below, and promising lower costs for chip makers. This extreme scaling works well for memories and microprocessors in the digital world, but not for interfacing with the actual physical world, which is analog.

Many applications such as radio frequency (RF) devices, power management subsystems, passive components, biochips, sensors, actuators, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) play an equally important role in today’s semiconductor products. Integrating analog functions into CMOS-based specialty technologies enables cost-optimized and value-added system solutions. These diversified technologies are known as “More than Moore.”

X-FAB’s design ecosystem steps beyond solutions for the logic and memory scaling to deliver “More than Moore” value for customers. Instead of following Moore’s Law, X-FAB integrates technology features that interact with the analog world, and provides a comprehensive design ecosystem. It includes services and tools for developing diversified power/HV, MEMS, opto and analog products; a 24-hour technical hotline service; a portfolio of technically mature, extensive libraries and IP; a broad spectrum of primitive devices; and flexible prototyping options. All are backed by X-FAB’s 20 years of solid analog/mixed-signal foundry expertise. The result – a design ecosystem with ample “More than Moore” solutions – ideally links the digital and analog worlds, and provides optimal value for customers.

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