Non-Volatile Memories at X-FAB

In the past couple of years the demand for non-volatile memories (NVM) has been growing steadily driven mainly by mobile consumer electronics from smartphones, tablet PCs to digital cameras and GPS navigation devices. In addition, the NVM content in these devices continues to grow rapidly in proportion to the logic device content.

This has led to an increased need in of NVM for trimming, data- and code storage functions to be used in smart System-on-Chips (SoC). In order to enable our customers to design modern SoCs for emerging applications, X-FAB offers a wide range of embedded non-volatile memory IP including eFlash, EEPROM, NVRAM, OTP, NV latches and Poly fuses covering process nodes from 1.0µm down to 0.13µm.

The following pages will provide an overview of the different non-volatile memory types at X-FAB, their application space and technical features.