Making Microfluidic MEMS – Technical Solutions for Lab-on-Chip Applications

Published: Dec 2018

One of the key trends in medical science is the personalization of health care: the analysis of the patient’s characteristics and physical condition, and the individual adaptation of medical treatment. An important cornerstone for this trend is the introduction of Lab-on-Chip technology which enables the analysis of minute quantities of biological sample material or liquid - resulting in the generic term “Microfluidics”. 

Microchips in microfluidic applications use common functional elements based on MEMS processes, e.g. fluidic channels and chambers, electrodes or injection ports. Due to the variety of applications and the various players entering this market there is – to date – no standardized approach to realize these functional elements. X-FAB started an effort to address this challenge by setting up the X-FAB Microfluidic Platform, with the goal to support customers with cost-effective, silicon-proven solutions enabling faster time to market. This webinar will provide an overview of typical building blocks of a Lab-on-Chip device and technical solutions based on the capabilities available through X-FAB’s MEMS foundry services

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