Silicon-based Microfluidics

Microfluidic chips are micro devices which are designed for handling tiny quantities of fluids – liquids or gases. X-FAB offers a comprehensive portfolio of technologies to support products for various microfluidics applications – in particular in the medical and industrial segments. Special focus is on technologies integrating microfluidics elements or interfaces with control or read-out circuitry on one single chip.


As the leading foundry in Si-based Microfluidics, X-FAB holds a track record for a variety of medical and industrial applications such as:

  • Lab-on-a-chip devices for point of care diagnostics
  • Flow sensors
  • Next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS)
  • DNA synthesis
  • Rare cell sorting for cancer diagnostics
  • Micro electrode arrays for drug development or food safety testing


X-FAB’s technology offer for Silicon-based Microfluidics comprises various elements which provide a sound basis for the design and manufacture of integrated microsystems. The offer ranges from tailored interfaces between CMOS wafers and microfluidics elements to wafer-level assembly techniques like through-silicon via (TSV) and wafer bonding, and includes various process capabilities like noble metal processing, high aspect-ratio deep reactive ion-etch (DRIE) or the deposition of various organic and inorganic materials.


Schematic Overview of X-FAB’s Technology Portfolio for Silicon-based Microfluidics


X-FAB value proposition:

  • Process integration expertise for on-chip Microfluidics
  • Fast time-to-market and competitive pricing due to use of Standard Process Blocks (SPB)
  • Scale-up to high-volume manufacturing, supporting long market entry cycles
  • Capability of clean, dry, and DNA-free device handling