0.6 Micron Modular HV CMOS Technology

The XHB06 is X-FAB's 0.6 Micron High-Voltage CMOS Technology, optimized for applications requiring operating voltages of 5V to 30V. Main target applications are power management, RF circuits and high precision analog applications mixed with digital parts for Telecommunication, Consumer, Automotive and Industrial products. The digital part is fully compatible with X-CMOS 0.6 process family. Reliable design rules, precise SPICE models, cell libraries, IP’s and development kits support the process for major EDA vendors.


Available Modules

  • Standard CMOS Core Module (1P2M)
  • Base Resistor Module
  • Poly2 Module
  • NPN Module
  • HV NPN Module
  • Double Poly Capacitor Module
  • MIM Capacitor Module
  • High Resistive Poly Module
  • Depletion NMOS Module
  • Varicap Diode Module
  • Schottky Diode Module
  • EPROM Module
  • Optical Window Module
  • No-burried-layer-doping Module
  • 3 Metal Layers Module
  • Thick Third Metal Module
  • Polyimide Module
  • Light Shield Module