0.35 Micron Modular Mixed Signal Technology with High Voltage Extensions

The XH035 series is X-FAB's 0.35 micrometer Modular Mixed-Signal Technology. Main target applications are standard cell, semi-custom and full custom designs for industrial, automotive and telecommunication products. Based on a single poly triple metal 0.35 μm drawn gate length process for digital applications, it features core and process modules such as low Vt, low leakage, embedded non-volatile memory and high voltage options, as well as standard or thick fourth layer of metal, double poly and MIM capacitors and high resistance polysilicon. MOS and bipolar transistors are also available. World class low noise p-mos and n-mos transistors make this technology the first choice for applications requiring very low noise and high signal-to-noise ratios.

DMOS transistors are available for multiple operating voltages up to 100V. The 45V DMOS transistors come with a 45 percent lower on-resistance which can reduce the chip area by up to 40 percent, resulting in significant cost savings.

The 3.3 V CMOS cores are compatible in design rules and transistor performance with state-of-the-art 0.35 μm CMOS processes.


Available Modules

  • Standard, Low Threshold or Low Leakage 3.3V or Standard 5V Core Module (1P3M)
  • Mid Gate Oxide Modules
  • Isolated MOS Module
  • Thick Gate Oxide Module
  • Medium Voltage NMOS Module
  • Medium Voltage PMOS Module
  • Mid Gate Oxide Modules for High-voltage Transistors
  • Thick Gate Oxide Modules for High-voltage Transistors
  • Depletion NMOS Module
  • Buried N Module
  • Low noise NMOS module
  • Double Polysilicon Capacitor Module
  • Low Resistance Polysilicon Module
  • High Resistivity Polysilicon Module
  • Very High Resistivity Polysilicon Module
  • EEPROM, Tiny EEPROM, or Core EEPROM Module
  • Single, Double MIM Capacitor Modules
  • 2 Metals Layer Module
  • 4 Metals Layer Module
  • Thick Top Metal 3 or Thick Top Metal 4 Modules
  • OPTO Modules
  • Photo Diode Module
  • Pixel Module
  • Flat Passivation Module
  • Integrated Relative Pressure Sensor Module
  • Polyimide Module