0.18 Micron Modular Image Sensor enabled CMOS Logic and Analog Technology

XS018 is X-FAB’s specialized process for fast image sensors. The optional available modules for 4 transistor cells, pinned photo diodes and the stitching capabilities make this technology ideal for large image sensor applications needing high frame rates as used for instance for medical and scientific X-ray cameras.
The 3.3V core module allows a low mask count designs. The industrial standard single poly with up to six metal layers 0.18-micron drawn gate length N-well process can also be used for low power SOC application in the automotive, industrial and medical markets.
Comprehensive design rules, precise SPICE models, analog and digital libraries, IPs and development kits support the process for major EDA vendors.


Available Modules

  • Standard or Low Power 3.3V CMOS Core Module (1P2M)
  • High Resistivity Polysilicon Resistor Module
  • Triple Well Isolated CMOS Module
  • Standard / Low Power 1.8V MOS module
  • 3.3V Low Threshold NMOS Modules
  • 3.3V Buried Channel Module
  • Single / Double / Triple MIM Capacitor Module
  • High Capacitance Single / Double / Triple MIM Capacitor Module
  • Pinned-photo Diode Modules
  • 4T pixel Module
  • Thin top metal Module
  • 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 Metal Layers Modules
  • Top Metal Module
  • Sensor Flat Passivation Module
  • 1D / 2D Stitching Module (available on request)