For details on the MEMS MPW service, please refer to the EUROPRACTICE website.

X-FAB Pure-Play MEMS Foundry

X-FAB MEMS Foundry offers unsurpassed experience,

expertise and execution with its high-volume MEMS manufacturing service. The first ever pure-play MEMS foundry, X-FAB draws on more than 20 years MEMS manufacturing experience and continues to meet the new demands for this rapidly expanding and exciting group of technologies in terms of time to market, quality assurance, high yield and supply-chain management tools.

Operating from five fabs for MEMS and CMOS processes

and an ecosystem of manufacturing and design partners, X-FAB is the proven choice for process development and installation, process capability, design support and long-term manufacturing stability.

As well as customer specific process installation,

X-FAB offers a range of qualified, in-production, open-platform processes and IP blocks for key MEMS types that enable our customers to have the fastest time to market in the foundry industry.

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