ESD Support

X-FAB offers a wide-range of ESD supports that enables First-Time-Right design, which includes:

Standard Digital I/O Libraries

  • Bulk CMOS and SOI based I/O cell libraries are available for pad-limited or core-limited designs
  • The I/O structure has been characterized for ESD protection and latch-up resistance
  • Cell library contains distinct and complete inputs, outputs, bidirectionals, general purpose analog I/O and supply cells

Special I/O Libraries

  • Latch-up robust pad cells for HV supply and HV I/O protection
  • SCR based clamp circuits with high ESD robustness and low or high holding voltage for HV I/O protection
  • HV I/O with reverse voltage protection

Comprehensive technology specific ESD – I/O documentation

  • TLP IV Characteristics (Standard TLP, vf-TLP, LD-TLP, HMM)
  • ESD LU guidelines
  • IO and HV library documentation

Expert Consultations and ESD Design Reviews


For further information please contact our technical hotline or your local sales contact.