1.0 Micron Modular 350V Trench Insulated BCD Process Technology

XDM10 is X-FAB's dielectric trench insulated smart power technology. Main target applications are analog switch ICs, driver ICs for capacitive, inductive and resistive loads and EL/piezo driver ICs for applications using 110 V net supply. The typical breakdown voltage of the HV-DMOS devices is >350 V or >275 V. The modular process combines DMOS, bipolar and CMOS processing steps that are compatible with dielectric insulation to provide a wide variety of MOS and bipolar devices with different voltage levels within a dielectric bidirectional high voltage trench insulation on the same die. The 14 layer core process module is available for 350 V breakdown voltage of the HV-DMOS. This process module provides trench insulation, single level poly with thick gate oxide, and a third level metal with power metal.


Available Modules

  • 350V DIMOS Core Module (1P3M)
  • CMOS Module
  • IGBT Module
  • Double Poly Capacitor/(high resistor/low T.C.) Resistor Module
  • N-channel CMOS depletion transistor Module
  • Poly on diffusion Capacitor Module
  • High Voltage Depletion Module
  • Handle wafer Contact Module