130 nm RF-SOI Modular RF/AMS Technology (XR013)

The XR013 is X-FAB’s 0.13 µm modular and feature-rich RF-SOI technology solution suitable for multiple air-interface standards and both fixed and mobile applications. Standard features include a twin-well 2.5V CMOS technology on a linear, high-impedance SOI substrate with 4 levels of metal in a hybrid copper and aluminum metallization that supports wire-bond, bump, or Cu-pillar chip-package interfaces and a large array of passive analogue RF devices. Additional optional features include a range of FET devices with multiple Vt options, up to 2 additional routing, and up to 2 additional thick Cu metal levels.
XR013 offers a comprehensive set of components supported by Si-proven, advanced RF models as well as a wide range of IP as design enablers.  


Key Features

  • 2.5 V CMOS platform with hybrid Cu/Al metallization.
  • Thick terminal metal is standard.  
  • Optional thick Cu levels provide a high-performance pathway to minimize system losses  
  • Operating Conditions: Tj = -40°C ... +125°C
  • Low Ron * Coff figure of merit RF switches with PSP based compact models including advanced modeling of a high impedance SOI substrate
  • Low-noise, high gain, high linearity NFET options for RF switch and LNA integration
  • Both low and high value diffusion and poly resistors including a 3k/sq p-poly resistor 
  • 2.1 fF/ µm2 vertical RF Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) capacitor and up to 1.32 fF/ µm2 vertical parallel plate capacitors (VPP)
  • 1.2V and 2.5V based RF varactors 
  • Large catalog of high-Q, symmetric, octagonal inductors for multiple metallization configurations
  • Optional low-leakage 1.2V CMOS feature is exploited to deliver best in class density digital integration 
  • Silicon-proven RF reference kits 
  • Silicon-proven analogue and digital IP is available and provided by X-FAB
  • Proven GPIO solutions including ESD are available and provided by X-FAB  
  • Cadence based front-end design flow with back-end support for both Cadence & Mentor and ADS for front-end design