Memory Testing Concept

Depending on customer requirements X-FAB can support different test flows ranging from low cost to extended test options. We offer test solutions suitable for automotive products, but can also provide test for consumer products.

We provide a comprehensive NVM test specification which:

  • supports high reliability needs
  • ensures that only required features are tested
  • ensures that test is under control of the IC owner

Fully Embedded Test

- no additional logic or pads

- inefficient due to exhaustive pattern,
- complicated debugging and failure analysis


Full Access Test

The full access test can be described as the “golden” way for testing embedded IPs.

- test pattern are unique
- only small logic overhead for multiplexer

-additional pads required if pin-count is low


Fully Embedded Test Incl. Serial Access with ATF*

- Customer is in charge of test
- X-FAB support possible for diagnostic purposes


- additional area required
- slower test due to serial access

*ATF = Advanced Test Features