Key Features
Application: Data & program storage
Mask adder to core: 0
Mask adder to core + HV: 0
Erase: word erase
Write: word
Data Retention: 10 years @ 125°C
Endurance: up to 3K cycles
Typical Memory Sizes: 32 bit-4 kbit
Temperature Range: -40-125°C
Compiler: on XT018 and XP018 only
Automotive Qualification: yes
Charge Pump IP: included

MTP (Multi-Time Programmable memory) and CEEPROM (CoreEEPROM) are similar IP’s available on the same technologies, differing for cycling specifications: MTP can be programmed a few hundredth times, whereas CEEPROM up to many thousand cycles, even at extreme temperatures


Available in the following technologies:

XH035, XA035

Soon available in the following technologies:

XT018, XP018