Customer Specific Process Development

At X-FAB, our mission is to provide customers with high performance technologies. We have a large and exceptionally experienced international Research & Development team. Our engineers are the world leaders in More-Than-Moore.

We have defined three engagement models to ensure that customers get the solution that fits best with their requirements.

Open Platform Technologies

  • Inspire X-FAB's future technology development. Help specify the scope and performance targets of X-FAB's open platform processes to fit your product roadmap.
  • Lead customers enjoy early access to new leading edge technology at minimal cost.

Customized Technologies

  • Commission X-FAB to customize one of its open platform technologies to meet your specific needs.
  • Add primitive devices or unique module combinations to fit your product requirements.
  • Ensures flexible approach for specialized product development at moderate cost.

Exclusive Technologies

  • Define bespoke solutions for your exclusive use.
  • Your concept, or process IP realized by X-FAB and brought to robust manufacturing status.
  • Significant investment by X-FAB must be supported by volume commitment, or cost-sharing with the customer, who achieves unique technology for competitive advantage in the market.

The installation of the above options will be accomplished according to our ISO9000 and QS9000 certified procedures and the following flow:

Planning --> Feasibility --> Verification --> Characterization --> Validation --> Production Release