1.0 Micron Modular Mixed Signal Technology

The XC10 Series is X-FAB's one micrometer Modular Mixed Signal Technology. Main target applications are standard cell, semi-custom and full custom designs for automotive, consumer, industrial and telecommunication products. The process enables mixed signal systems on one chip due to its non-volatile memory and sensor integration capabilities. Based on a state-of-the-art very cost effective single poly single metal 1.0 µm minimum feature size N-well process for mixed signal and high voltage applications, various process modules are available for high performance analog and high voltage circuits. Using the non-volatile memory modules integration of EEPROM, OTP or NV latches is possible. Technology variants for integrated MEMS are also available.


Available Modules

  • Standard 5V or Low Voltage 1.5V CMOS Core Module (1P1M)
  • Depletion Implant Module
  • Depletion Transistor Module
  • Double Poly Capacitor/(high resistor/low T.C.) Resistor Module
  • High Voltage PMOS Module
  • ESD Implant Module
  • 2 Metals Layer Module
  • Thick Second Metal Module
  • EEPROM Module
  • EPROM Module
  • Optical Window Module
  • Relative Pressure Sensor Module
  • Absolute Pressure Sensor Module