0.6 Micron Modular CMOS Technology

The XB06 Series is X-FAB's 0.6 micrometer CMOS technology. Main target applications are RF circuits and high precision analog applications mixed with digital parts for telecommunication, consumer, automotive and industrial products. The digital part is fully compatible with the CX06 0.6 µm process family. Reliable design rules, precise SPICE models, digital libraries and analog IP together with support for all major EDA tools provide an efficient chip design ecosystem.


Available Modules

  • Standard CMOS Core Module (2P2M)
  • 0.5µm Bipolar Module
  • Double Poly Capacitor Module
  • MIM Capacitor Module
  • High Resistive Poly Resistor Module
  • Depletion NMOS Module
  • Isolated NMOS FET Module
  • Varicap Diode Module
  • Schottky Diode Module
  • EPROM Module
  • Optical Window Module
  • No-burried-layer-doping Module
  • PIN Diode Module
  • Pnat Module for PIN Module
  • 3 Metal Layers Module
  • Thick Third Metal Module