0.35 Micrometer Modular Mixed-Signal Ultra-High-Voltage Technology

The XU035 series is X-FAB’s 0.35 micrometer modular 700V Ultra-High-Voltage Technology. Based upon the standard 1P2M process with single 5V gate oxide, 0.35µm minimum feature size, the platform is engineered for applications needing an integrated power and start-up device solution. The XU035 process provides low specific On-resistance 700V power devices and the lowest mask count in the foundry industry, enabling the most cost-effective solutions for consumer applications. The technology is ideal for energy conservation applications like AC LED lighting, chargers with no-load power consumption and other power conversion and control applications.

XU035 comes with comprehensive X-FAB design support including PDKs for all major design environments, precise Spectre and H-Spice models, digital libraries and 2kV ESD support.


Available Modules

  • Standard 5V Core Module (1P2M)
  • 400V MOS Module
  • 700V MOS Module
  • Depletion NMOS Module
  • High Resistance Polysilicon1 Module
  • Very High Resistance Polysilicon 1 Module
  • Burried PWELL Module
  • UHVMOS ESD Module
  • Zener Diode Module
  • MIM Capacitor Module
  • MIM Capacitor for UHVMET Module
  • Metal 3 Module
  • Ultra-HV Metal Module