0.35 Micron Modular CMOS Technology For Fast Optical Applications

XO035 is X-FAB’s specialized process for optoelectronic and high speed RF applications. It is especially suited for applications needing sensitive high bandwidth photo diodes arrays or CMOS image sensors for such applications as optical data storage, optical data communication or high dynamic range cameras.

In addition to the single poly, triple metal 0.35-micron drawn gate length process for digital applications, process modules are available for five volt drain-source and isolated transistors, double-poly and MIM capacitor and high resistance poly resistors.

Special opto-process modules allow an optimised PIN cathode implantation, optical window etching and dedicated ARC layer deposition.


Available Modules

  • Standard MOS Module (1P3M)
  • Mid Gate Oxide (5V) Module
  • Isolated MOS Module
  • MIM Capacitor Module
  • Polysilicon 2 Module
  • High Resistivity Polysilicon Module
  • Optical Module
  • PIN diode Module
  • Metal 4 Module