0.35 Micron High Temperature Modular Mixed Signal Technology

The XA035 Series is X-FAB‘s 0.35 Micron High Temperature CMOS Technology. Main target applications are high temperature automotive and Industrial products with temperature range up to 175ºC. Best suited for high temperature automotive applications, the XA035 is also targeted at industiral, medical and avionic markets.  All modules are comparable in Design Rules and Transistor Performance with our corporate state of the art 0.35 μm CMOS Processes.

Comprehensive design rules, precise SPICE models, analog and digital libraries, IP’s and development kits support the process on platforms supplied by the major EDA tool vendors.


Available Modules

  • Standard 3.3V Core Module (1P3M)
  • 5.0V Mid Gate Oxide Module
  • Isolated MOS Module
  • Thick Gate Oxide Module
  • Mid Gate Oxide Modules for HV Transistors
  • Thick Gate Oxide Modules for HV Transistors
  • Depletion NMOS Module
  • Buried N Module
  • Double Polysilicon Capacitor Module
  • High Resistivity Polysilicon Module
  • Very High Resistivity Polysilicon Module
  • TEEPROM or CoreEEPROM Modules
  • Single or Double MIM Capacitor Modules
  • 2 Metals Layer Module
  • 4 Metals Layer Module
  • Thick Top Metal 3 or 4 Modules
  • Flat Passivation Module
  • Polyimide Module