0.18 Micron Modular CMOS Technology

The XC018 series is X-FAB's latest offering, featuring the X-FAB 0.18 micrometer Modular Mixed Signal Technology. Based on the industrial standard one-poly-three-metal process baseline, wide selection of options such as standard or low power, 1.8V core voltage with either 3.3V or 5.0V I/O voltage  are easily integrated through the modular approach. It also features process modules such as up to six layers of metal, single; double or triple MIM capacitors and high resistance polysilicon. MOS and bipolar transistors are also available. While RFCMOS is made available through precise characterization of primitive devices, which includes RF transistors; varactors;and large Q-factor inductors. Options such as embedded non-volatile memory, and opto module in development will make XC018 even more feature rich.

The platform is ideal for SoC systems. Main target applications are standard cell, semi-custom and full custom designs for consumer, industrial as well as communications products. The standard process is ideally suited for micro controllers while the low power process is ideal for mobile applications.


Available Modules

  • Standard or Low Power 1.8V Core Module (1P3M)
  • Standard or Low Power 3.3V CMOS Module
  • Standard or Low Power 5.0V CMOS Module
  • Isolated MOS Module
  • High Resistivity Poly Resistor Module
  • Single, Double or Triple MIM Capacitor Module
  • 4 Metals Layer Module
  • 5 Metals Layer Module
  • 6 Metals Layers Module
  • Thick Metal Module
  • Polyimide Module