Service Offering

In contrast to other foundries,

X-FAB strives to achieve full customer satisfaction by pursuing a holistic approach that combines specialized expertise with outstanding service and first-class technical support. We therefore provide our customers with extensive assistance throughout the entire product development cycle - from design support to prototyping and manufacturing support.

Design Support

The main objective of X-FAB's design support service is to enable a first-time right not only for digital, but also for analog mixed-signal designs. To achieve this goal, we offer our customers full-fledged design support for all major electronic design automation (EDA) platforms, supplying correct models, process design kits (PDK), analog and digital libraries, a unique hotline service and design for manufacturing (DFM) support. Our online customer portal (My X-FAB) guarantees fast and efficient access to online technical information.

Prototyping Support

X-FAB offers its customers two prototyping options for all technologies: the Multi Product Wafer (MPW) service, in which several devices are processed in parallel on one wafer, and the Multi Level Mask (MLM) service with four mask levels drawn on the same reticle. Both options are much more cost effective than the full mask set, the MLM service featuring the additional advantage of being highly flexible compared to the fixed dates of the MPW service.

Manufacturing Support

In order to enable an effective supply chain management for our customers, we provide fast and easy access to a wide range of online reports and up-to-date information on the production status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our online reporting and tracking system allows you to instantly check data on work in progress (WIP), process control monitor (PCM) information, or yield management.