Potential Engagement Models for Outsourcing

Product transfer

Transfer of an existing product including the corresponding customer process to an
X-FAB facility.

Transfer of tools or tool set

Single existing tools or complete tool sets can be transferred from the sending fab into the receiving X-FAB site - as consigned tools or sold tools. This is especially the case when specific capabilities required to manufacture the transferred product are not available in the receiving fab. 

Investment into captive capacity

Outsourcing customers can secure capacity at X-FAB through investment into “own” tools.

Fab transfer

Under certain circumstances X-FAB could analyze the option of taking over the existing customer fab rather than transferring products and processes to an X-FAB facility.

Product porting

Existing products are re-designed using X-FAB Open Platform process technologies and thus are “ported” to a process available at X-FAB to save time compared to a complete product transfer requiring a custom technology transfer.