Outsourcing - A New Home for Your Products

Products might need a new home because:

  • There is a need for a second source for strategic products
  • Internal capacities are required for other products
  • Cyclical product demand creates a financial burden for the internal fab
  • Internal fabs do not (or no longer) offer the cost structure required to compete in the market
  • The respective internal fab is planned for closure
  • Integrated device manufacturers (IDM) want to become fabless

How does it work?

  • Existing customer products will be transferred together with the corresponding process into an X-FAB facility
  • X-FAB provides foundry services to the product owner or his customers

Why X-FAB?

  • X-FAB can offer second source capabilities for all major technology platforms
  • X-FAB can enable the outsourcing of entire product portfolios
  • X-FAB is an experienced partner to support a variety of "fab light" or fabless strategies
  • X-FAB has a track record of over 60 successful technology transfers, including more than 30 customer-specific process installations in the past 20 years