About MunEDA

MunEDA provides leading EDA software technology for analysis, modelling, optimization, and verification of performance and yield of analog, mixed-signal and digital designs.  Founded in 2001 MunEDA has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, with worldwide offices and representations by leading EDA distributors worldwide. MunEDA solutions are in industrial use by leading semiconductor companies in the areas of communication, computer, memories, automotive, and consumer electronics.
X-FAB and MunEDA have established an official EDA and foundry cooperation since 2007 to support their mutual customers with best-in-class solutions in their respective fields and technologies. MunEDA software tools are available and configured for most of the X-Fab technologies and pdk from 1µm down to 180nm.

MunEDA Product Overview

MunEDA EDA software tool suite WiCkeD delivers powerful and leading edge solutions for interactive and automatic circuit design analysis, modelling, optimization and verification. WiCkeD enables circuit design and semiconductor customers to reduce the design times of their circuits and to maximize robustness, reliability and yield. Main applications for WiCkeD are in the design of I/O macro-cells, full-custom digital, analog/mixed-signal and memories (SRAM, NVM, DRAM) but also others. WiCkeD can be applied based on pure nominal and corner-based designs but also delivers a compilation of very powerful and unique solutions for statistical variation analysis and yield optimization for high-efficient and high-quality designs.


Supported Tools:


  • Design Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Nominal Circuit Sizing
  • Modelling & Model Generation
  • Statistical Circuit Optimization
  • Designframework, SPICE & Interface Support