Award Programs

X-FAB has set up two design award programs that recognize the innovation, hard work and achievements of our customers: the First-Time-Right Award and the X-CITE Award Program.

First-Time-Right Award 

This annual award addresses one of the most difficult challenges in the development of analog and mixed-signal ICs – getting a product to work at first design iteration. Unlike first-time-right design results often achieved with digital ICs, mixed-signal IC designs rarely meet target specifications at first iteration and are a far greater technical challenge. X-FAB provides a comprehensive ecosystem to support designers in their efforts to achieve this goal. The First-Time-Right Award will honor the skill and creativity of designers who have succeeded with their analog/mixed-signal product designs. All entries are judged on the complexity of the design and the challenge that was mastered. Click here for more information.

X-Cite Award Program

This award program on a continual basis recognizes the difficult challenge of integrating analog functions into CMOS-based technologies, and honors the vision and expertise of designers who enhance X-FAB semiconductor processes. X-FAB’s semiconductor technologies are used in a variety of high-voltage, MEMS, optical and analog products. These technologies constantly are being developed further to expand the breadth of existing application areas and make new ones accessible. If you have an idea that uses X-FAB technologies in a novel way or pushes its technologies to the limits, please send us your project proposal. All entries will be judged on the novelty of the proposal and the technical level of difficulty of the project. 

X-FAB committees will select first-place prize winners from among all finalists. Winning entries will receive a free seat on an MPW shuttle run. In addition, the winners will be announced on our website and on X-FAB’s social media channels. Click here for more information.