New Modules in 0.6 ┬Ám BiCMOS Technology

X-FAB now offers five new options for its 0.6 micrometer BiCMOS technology platform, two of which deliver first-of-a-kind capabilities for the emerging and rapidly expanding optoelectronics market. The technology advancements include an innovative and cost-efficient Light Shield module that enables better protection of light-sensitive areas on a chip; and a new, sophisticated Blue pin module with especially high light sensitivity. In addition, X-FAB offers a new Field Effect Transistor (FET) module for low-noise applications, a new polyimide option for compensation of mechanical stress, and Schottky diodes with enhanced forward current capabilities.


Blue PIN Photo Diode [PINBLUE]

  • optimized for blue light (405nm)
  • high light sensitivity from 600nm to 800nm
  • high bandwidth, low dark current

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SCHOTTKY diode with improved forward characteristics

  • High current capability in forwarding mode
  • Low leakage current

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Junction Field Effect Transistor [JFET]

  • JFET implant
  • Used for circular n-channel junction JFET

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  • resilient barrier layer on top of passivation
  • wafer overcoat for stress relief and passivation protection
  • reduces risk of delamination

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