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CM1112ae Voltage Regulator
0.35 μm
LVS Netlist

General purpose linear voltage regulator. The circuit generates a 3.3V output voltage from an unregulated input voltage ranging from 5V to 30V. It features short circuit protection and 5mA output current capability.

aregc01_3v3 Voltage Regulator
0.18 μm
Analog Library

XH018 LP3MOS 3.3V aregc01_3v3 is a 3.3v/1.8V linear voltage regulator for up to 20mA load current and internal bandgap reference. The regulator is implemented as macro cell that fits into the core-limited I/O ring.

TI-L500 Voltage Regulator
0.60 µm

TI-L500 is a micro-power low dropout linear voltage regulator with fixed 5 V output voltage and input voltage of up to 40 V. ESD protection provided.


MP = Mass ProductionPT = Prototyping, Silicon provenID = in DesignVS = Verified by Simulations (Soft-IP)

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