X-FAB MEMS Foundry is based on over 20 years MEMS manufacturing and is now focused on two locations, Erfurt and Itzehoe, both in Germany. X-FAB leverages the operations of all five of its manufacturing sites located in Germany, the USA and Malaysia for the manufacturing of MEMS, which complements X-FAB’s other foundry solutions addressing optical, CMOS analog/mixed-signal and high voltage applications. A core competency of X-FAB is the monolithic integration of MEMS devices with it CMOS technology to meet size and performance requirements. X-FAB also offers access to one of the broadest range of manufacturing materials in the semiconductor industry.

X-FAB MEMS Foundry is able to support customer’s demanding supply chain management requirements as X-FAB is also an expert in supply chain logistics, delivering hundreds of thousands of finished wafers to customers every year.

4,000 employees worldwide support operations, quality, development, characterization, design support, applications, sales and marketing.


X-FAB MEMS Foundry Erfurt

Erfurt in central Germany, is home to X-FAB’s center for MEMS manufacturing on 6-inch wafers as well as X-FAB’s popular 1.0µm, 0.8µm and 0.6µm analog/ mixed-signal CMOS technologies. X-FAB MEMS Foundry utilizes both the CMOS and MEMS process equipment enabling high-volume and cost-effective MEMS production. The Erfurt site is also able to handle 8-inch wafers for some processes and enables monolithic integration of MEMS with X-FAB’s advanced 0.35µm and 0.18µm CMOS technologies.


X-FAB MEMS Foundry Itzehoe

X-FAB MEMS Foundry Itzehoe GmbH is located in Itzehoe in the north of Germany. The facility has 1.000 m2 clean room area dedicated to MEMS manufacturing. The fab offers a broad range of specialty processes and technical capabilities all manufactured on 8-inch wafers. The site is being expanded with a further cleanroom dedicated to micro and nano technology and will be one of the world’s leading state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for MEMS.