As a supplier for the medical market - one in which people trust technology for their health and recovery - we are committed to deliver solutions that are accurate and reliable for our customers' medical devices.

Our sensors have the ability to measure precisely almost all physiological parameters. They have helped to revolutionize the healthcare system and are used in a wide variety of medical devices for monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. More than 20 years ago we started the production of a sensor used for blood pressure monitoring. Since then, our microchips have been used in cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids, XRAY sensors for DNA sequencing, and numerous other applications that our technologies enable.

We have earned trust because of:

  • The longevity of our processes
  • Our experience in biocompatible semiconductor materials
  • Our high-performance and highly reliable CMOS processes such as the XH018 platform, the first and only one in the industry featuring high temperature, high voltage and non-volatile memory capabilities in a single technology that can be combined with MEMS elements
  • Our commitment to quality and reliability expressed in the declaration of compliance to ISO-13485 leveraging the quality certificate IATF 16949
  • Our design partners who are experienced in the design of ICs for medical applications