X-FAB offers several optical sensors integrated in its modular process platforms. They can be combined with dozens of other technology modules and use high running reliable processes with internal second source capability.

Characterized photo diodes are available for the entire wavelength spectrum supporting UV, visible as well as near infra-red light. Characterized and modelled photo diodes are included in X-FAB’s PDKs for applications that are frequently used. They as easy to handle as any other electrical device in the design flow. Designers do not require special optical background knowledge in order to integrate X-FAB’s photo diodes into their designs.

To improve the sensitivity for dedicated wavelengths, a special OPTO module can be selected for etching down the isolator stack on top of the diode and depositing an ARC layer.

Evaluation chips are offered by X-FAB for demonstrating the opto-electrical performance of different processes. Several photo diodes in different sizes can be used as a reference for performance measurements.

X-FAB’s 0.18 µm and 0.35 µm technologies offer designers of CMOS image sensor a low noise and low dark current process for designing highly dynamic image sensors. Optionally, full depleted pinned photo diode pixels are available as part of X-FAB’s dedicated image sensor process XS018. There is a special support for large fast pixel. We also offer stitching as a service for large dies that exceed standard stepper dimensions.

Application examples: