AC LED Lighting Controllers Made Easy with X-FAB

X-FAB offers the first and only 650V SOI foundry process enabling AC LED lighting topologies requiring multiple on-chip high-voltage domains. The SOI approach is able to deal effectively with the 650V design challenges leading to compact footprint and faster time-to-market. This allows customers to participate in the fast growing AC LED market which is replacing incandescent and CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) solutions.


AC LED Lighting Controller - Block Diagram


AC LED Lighting Controller

This LED controller handles the power network AC (240V) line input conversion for the LED string at the output. The HV section of the application is on-chip, providing power for the LED output.



Power Factor Correction Control

This control adjusts for phase shift and minimizes distortion of the main nets. It provides the regulated DC supply for the buck converter.



Buck Converter and LED Power Regulator

This regulator defines the supply voltage and controls the power at the LED string 5V gate drive.