X-FAB’s approach in meeting the automotive quality goals is based on more than 15 years of experience in wafer manufacturing for the automotive industry. Automotive ICs work in harsh environments and have to fulfil rigorous automotive quality standards. X-FAB provides dedicated process technologies for automotive usage.

The environment is mainly characterized by special voltage and junction temperature ranges. Typical operating voltages for the IC are mostly higher than the usual car battery voltage of approximately 14V because of allowed overvoltage conditions and conditions that can happen in special cases, like jump start, generator load dump, pre-defined high-voltage and high-energy pulses. Although some of these board voltage effects are filtered by separate outside protection circuitry, the IC has to withstand higher voltages or operate during these conditions.  For this purpose various automotive process technologies with different maximum voltage levels are offered.

The typical automotive IC needs to operate under extreme temperature conditions. The normal temperature range for automotive processes is -40°C to +125°C, but for under-the-hood applications X-FAB’s high temperature technologies are available which provide junction temperature capabilities up to 175°C. To support the designers to create robust automotive designs, SPICE models are carefully characterized over the extended temperature range, are provided with statistical data and with 6σ corners.

Automotive wafers are manufactured with a 0 ppm mindset, are fulfilling rigorous automotive quality standards, and are TS 16949 certified.