0.18 Micron Modular Trench Isolated SOI CMOS Technology

The XT018 series is X-FAB’s 0.18-micron Modular High-voltage SOI CMOS Technology. It combines the benefit of SOI wafers with Deep Trench Isolation (DTI) and those of a state-of-the-art six metal layers 0.18-micron process. High voltage support up to 200V combined with range of Non-Volatile-Memory options. The XT018 platform is specifically designed for a next generation automotive, industrial and medical applications operating in the temperature range of -40 to 175 °C.
Full PDK support for major EDA vendors, extensive device characterization and modeling, comprehensive analog, digital, and memory IPs.


XT018 data sheet download

XT018 Data sheet

X-FAB APD Device (click on image to go to APD/SPAD page)

Available Modules

  • Trench SOI 0.18µm CMOS low-power 1.8/5.0V, or 5.0V only core module (1P2M)
  • Handle wafer contact Module
  • N-buried Module
  • Deep Trench Isolation Module
  • Deep P-well / N-well Modules
  • 1X super-junction NDMOS / PDMOS Modules
  • DNC / DPC Modules
  • Sub-Block Module
  • High/Medium Resistance Polysilicon Modules
  • 1.8V Low VT Module
  • Bipolar Modules
  • HV Depletion Module
  • N Buffer Module
  • High Voltage NMOS / PMOS Modules
  • various Diode Modules
  • Single / Double / Triple MIM Capacitor Modules
  • High Capacitance Single / Double / Triple MIM Capacitor Modules
  • Non-volatile Memory Modules
  • Bottom Dielectric Module
  • Flat Passivation Module
  • 3 / 4 / 5 Metals Layer Modules
  • Top Metal Module
  • Thick Metal Module
  • Polyimide Module