0.18 Micron Modular HT HV CMOS Technology

The XH018 series is X-FAB’s 0.18 micron Modular Mixed Signal HV CMOS Technology. Based upon the industrial standard single poly with up to six metal layers 0.18-micron drawn gate length Nwell process. It is the industry's first and only 0.18 micrometer technology to integrate high temperature (HT), high voltage (HV) and non-volatile memory (NVM) all in a single platform. It is ideal for SoC applications in the automotive market such as control devices inside combustion engine compartments or electric engine housings with temperature range up to 175ºC, as well as embedded high-voltage applications in the communications, consumer and industrial market.


Available Modules

  • NEW: Ultra-low-noise module with three new transistors available now; improved flicker noise up to a factor of 10
    (see also press release from 29 Nov 2017)

    • 1.8 V low-noise NMOS
    • 3.3 V low-noise NMOS
    • 3.3 V low-noise PMOS

  • Low Power 1.8V, 3.3V CMOS Core Module (1P2M)
  • High Temperature Module
  • 1.8V Low Vt Module
  • Triple-well Isolated CMOS Module
  • Photo Diode Modules
  • HV/ Depletion Transistor Modules
  • Low Noise PMOS Module
  • High Voltage Modules
  • DMOS Module
  • High Voltage NMOS / PMOS Modules
  • High Voltage Extension NMOS/PMOS Modules
  • ESD Modules
  • Schottky Module
  • Non-volatile Memory Modules
  • Flash Memory Module
  • OTP Module
  • Medium Resistance Polysilicon Module
  • Single / Double / Triple MIM Capacitor Module
  • High Capacitance Single / Double / Triple MIM Capacitor Module
  • 3/ 4/ 5 Metal Layers Modules
  • Top Metal Module
  • Thick Metal Module
  • Sensor/ Flat Passivation Modules
  • Polyimide Module