Quality at X-FAB is continuously controlled and verified using well-tried quality techniques and methods

  • Quality verification of technologies and processes

    • Closed system of incoming, inline and end-of-line inspections according to the X-FAB Control Plan (in compliance with automotive requirements), e.g. control of critical dimensions, layer thicknesses etc.
    • 100% Process Control Monitor (PCM) test (e.g. technology specific electrical parameters of PCM)
    • Continuous defect reduction towards zero defects characterized by:

      • using of defect management indices
      • working according the Defect Management Improvement methodology
      • utilization of sophisticated inspection equipment and review tools

    • Continuous monitoring and improvement of outgoing quality
    • Product audits as part of conformance tests as well as dock audits (packaging, shipping)

  • Use of sophisticated and well-tried Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods including data analysis, e.g. for calculation and tracking of capability indices for manufacturing processes on the basis of inline and electrical end-of-line (PCM) data (especially applicable for automotive projects)

  • Use of powerful analysis tools, e.g. Wafermap and Statistical Data Analysis (SDA)
    • Main characteristics:
      • Analysis and correlation of data and parameters
      • Correlation of the data and parameters vs. equipment and yield
      • Implementation of inline process data
      • Calculation of data and creation of new parameters
    • Benefits:
      • Handling of own data and customer data in one system
      • Quick and easy access to all measured data
      • Generation of several reports
      • Good visualisation system

  • Regular tracking and continuous improvement of quality parameters
    These include:
    • Long time reliability
    • Early failure rate
    • Incoming quality
    • Process capability
    • Yield
    • Delivery performance
    • Customer return rate etc.

  • Customer information system about process changes
    Process Change Intent Notification (PCIN) and Process Change Notification (PCN) regarding the production process, equipment, subcontractors, material, etc.

  • Cooperation with subcontractors and suppliers
    • Defined procedures for supplier selection, approval and monitoring
    • Periodic supplier assessment and pricing
    • Extensive exchange of information by use of modern communication and data exchange tools