0.13 Micron Modular CMOS Technology

The XC013 series is X-FAB’s 0.13 micrometer mixed-signal CMOS technology. This single poly 0.13 micrometer process with up to six metal layers is well-suited for highly integrated mixed-signal System-on-Chip applications addressing the communications, consumer or industrial market.

The modular process concept allows for a high flexibility in analog and mixed-signal designs. Comprehensive design rules, precise SPICE models, analog and digital libraries, IPs and development kits support the process on platforms supplied by the major EDA tool vendors.


XC013 data sheet download

XC013 CMOS Data Sheet


Available Modules

  • Low power, single poly core module
  • Optional 3.3V module
  • Isolation well for all 1.5V and 3.3V MOS devices
  • Up to six AL-based metal layers
  • High resistive poly resistors
  • Metal-Insulator-Metal capacitors