ESD Support

X-FAB has designed new digital standard I/O libraries for 0.6µm, 0.35µm and 1.0µm XD10 with ESD protection in mind. These libraries feature:

  • Core and pad-limited digital standard I/O libraries
  • Standard CMOS/TTL and Schmitt trigger inputs
  • Gated pull-up/down, input hold, gated input
  • 3-state outputs configurable as bi-state, open drain, open source
  • Selectable drive strength and speed
  • NAND tree for input parametric testing
  • Simple analog I/O cells with and without series resistance
  • High current TLP characteristics

PMOS rail clamps are used in a rail based ESD protection scheme to achieve high ESD robustness - min. 2kV HBM ESD robustness (0.35µm: 4kV) - except for the 0.35µm 5V tolerant I/O cells with 1.5kV HBM.

For further information please contact our technical hotline or your local sales contact.