First-Time-Right Award

This annual award addresses one of the most difficult challenges in the development of analog and mixed-signal ICs – getting a product to work at first design iteration. Unlike first-time-right design results often achieved with digital ICs, mixed-signal IC designs rarely meet target specifications at first iteration and are a far greater technical challenge.

X-FAB provides a comprehensive ecosystem to support designers in their efforts to achieve this goal. The First-Time-Right Award will honor the skill and creativity of designers who have succeeded with their analog/mixed-signal product designs. All entries will be judged on the complexity of the design and the challenge that was mastered. The deadline for the 2017 round of submissions is September 30, 2017.

The winner will receive a free prototyping run (MPW) to validate their ideas in the best-suited technology. 

Award Submission Guidelines

  • Your device must have been designed in an X-FAB technology and must reach production status within the next 12 months with the first revision.  
  • You must have submitted the GDSII file of your design during 2016.
  • Your design must be implemented in one of X-FAB’s open platform technologies.
  • X-FAB must receive your completed entry form by September 30, 2017.

To submit your application for this award, click here