X-FAB’s modular processes offer designers of opto-electric sensors various diodes and transistors that can be used as photo diodes or photo transistors for light sensing applications. Different kinds of pn junctions, doping profiles and junction thicknesses allow easy tuning for special requirements.

To improve the sensitivity for dedicated wavelengths X-FAB offers a special OPTO module etching down the isolator stack on top of the diode and depositing an ARC layer.
Every diode – with and without the OPTO module – can be used as a photo diode. X-FAB offers some photo diodes as characterized devices for applications that are frequently used. These characterized photo diodes are included in the design kit. Simulation models covering various different operating conditions are also provided. An evaluation chip is offered by X-FAB for demonstrating the opto-electrical performance of its XH035 process with optical window and as reference for measurements by customers.

The light shield module (LIGTHSLD) allows a  low capacitance, low reflective and low transmittance protection of the non light sensitive IC part.

X-FAB’s 0.18µm and 0.35µm technologies give CMOS image sensor designers a low noise and low dark current process for designing highly dynamic image sensors. We also offer stitching as a special service for large dies that exceed standard stepper dimensions.

Application examples: