08 & 09 Dec 2010

06 Webinar: Foundry Solution for Hall Sensor Applications

by Olaf Zinke & Peter Hofmann

This free webinar introduces X-FAB’s newly released Hall effect sensor device that detects and measures magnetic fields directly on the chip, making magnetic field-sensing design much faster. You’ll learn how the Hall sensor element – available as a completely characterized building block in X-FAB’s 0.18 micrometer modular high-voltage technology, XH018 – can be combined with other features of the XH018 process to enable a broad range of applications. For example, contactless detection or measurement of magnetic fields, and applications in which a magnetic field is used for indirect measurement of distance, position, rotational angle, speed or an electric current. You’ll also learn about the detailed characterization X-FAB has done for the Hall sensor device, such as sensitivity to the magnetic field strength and dependency on the chip temperature. Statistical data are available enabling centering of the design parameters and optimizing for maximum design yield. Finally, the presentation also covers characterization results and design kit support of the device including the VerilogA simulation model.