Yield Management

In accordance with its Quality Policy, the X-FAB team continuously works on improving its systems and processes in an ongoing effort to exceed its customers' expectations. As a result of this commitment, X-FAB consistently achieved major increases in technology quality and performance. This progress is the direct consequence of a most fruitful combination between a team-based work environment and an improvement-oriented culture designed to enhance quality integration, manufacturing efficiencies, and customer service - with the ultimate goal to maximize the value provided to our customers.

The X-FAB network of internal teams relentlessly strives to perfect team member skill sets, measurement and analysis tools, and their focus on goal setting and achievement so as to increase the efficiency of our day-to-day operations. Their efforts allow us to quickly adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers. The success of the teams directly affects the organizational performance, technology quality and customer service offered by X-FAB.

In semiconductor manufacturing, quality management encompasses several disciplines, such as defect levels, equipment uptime, device yield and reliability. To address these, X-FAB implemented a range of well-tried procedures, in particular for controlling wafer inventory, preventive maintenance routines, implementation of statistical process control methods, and effective yield analysis methodology. These techniques enable X-FAB to continuously control and verify that its technologies, processes and services meet the company's demanding quality objectives.

Quality at X-FAB is continuously controlled and verified using well-tried quality techniques and methods:

Quality verification of technologies and processes

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