Quality Management


X-FAB's Quality Management System is an integrated process-oriented system into which all quality, environmental and safety management procedures have been implemented. Its goal is to ensure best quality and reliability performance of all our technologies through a systematic approach that emphasizes quality at every phase of product development through manufacturing. This ultimately allows X-FAB to control the whole manufacturing process in a proactive manner, with quality being designed into the process as a built-in feature, and not merely obtained through inspection.

X-FAB's success and prosperity ultimately depend on the trust and loyalty shown by its customers. This is why achieving full customer satisfaction - which requires the continuous improvement not only of technology quality and performance, but also of management, key and support processes - is a permanent challenge for the X-FAB group.

Policies, Procedures, Certificates

The policies and procedures used at X-FAB to ensure that our products and services meet both customer requirements and our business objectives in a consistent and reliable manner, are documented in the X-FAB Quality and Environmental Manual.

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