Why Logic Foundries Will Fail in Moving to Analog

published in GSA Forum, Volume 16, issue 1

by Jens Kosch, Chief Technology Officer, X-FAB Silicon Foundries and Volker Herbig, Marketing Manager, X-FAB Silicon Foundries

The analog foundry business is not a fad. Many foundries are seriously trying to move into this space. However, transformation requires a change from being contract manufacturers ... more

Consolidation is all about timing

Why pro-actively consolidating their own business and operations is the best way for IDMs to survive the downturn

published on EETimes, 18th February 2009
written by Norbert Meyer, VP Strategic Projects, X-FAB Silicon Foundries

An ad campaign a few years ago posed a clearcut business strategy choice – to be wolf or sheep.  Most semiconductor companies today face a similar decision: be active in market consolidation or risk becoming consolidated ... more