June 2013

X-FAB Introduces New Analog/Mixed-Signal Reference Kit for Rapid Adoption of Advanced Cadence Design Flows

Gets closer to first-time-right analog design by integrating advanced EDA features in design flow

June 2013

X-FAB Optimizes 180nm Process for Portable Analog Applications

Enhanced XP018 core supports fewer photo layers for 5V environment, new options for low Ron 5V and 12V driver MOS transistors to reduce chip costs

November 2012

X-FAB Announces First 200V SOI Foundry Technology

XT018 Enables Multiple High-Voltage Levels on a Single Chip

November 2012

X-FAB and Anvo-Systems Dresden Cooperate to Provide High-Speed Non-Volatile Memory Solutions

Compact, fast nvSRAM with small silicon footprint surpasses traditional Flash and EEPROM solutions in cost/energy efficiencies

November 2012

X-FAB Acquires Majority Share in MFI

MFI renamed as X-FAB MEMS Foundry Itzehoe

October 2012

Cymbet Shipping EnerChips from New High Volume Manufacturing Facility

Second source for rechargeable solid state batteries for global customers

September 2012

X-FAB to Invest More than $50M in MEMS Operations

Will continue its MEMS business under new brand X-FAB MEMS Foundry

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