In the past five years we have seen a huge step in the evolution of MEMS applications. Some may even call it a revolution. Applications for MEMS are becoming standard features in many consumer, mobile, computer and automotive goods and the need for quality, high-volume MEMS manufacturing is increasing rapidly.

Today, demand for MEMS is particularly high in the consumer and mobile sector with strong growth continuing automotive, biomedical and industrial applications. The requirements for MEMS applications include associated ASIC CMOS intelligence and many manufacturers who currently use discrete MEMS devices are now seeing the benefits of integrated CMOS.

X-FAB addresses the growing demand for MEMS manufacturing services by providing customer specific processing as well as offering a range of standard processes and design specifications for accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors and infrared temperature sensors.

With all manufacturing sites, including the MEMS operation, certified compliant ISO9001 and ISO TS 16949, X-FAB has the quality systems in place to meet high-volume demands and automotive requirements.

Application examples: